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International Music and Dance Camp “Music and Sea”, 14-19 June 2016

Invitation for the International Music and Dance Camp “Music&Sea” - Paralia, Greece


Dear Sir or Madam,

The Folklore Association “Igraorec” - Skopje, Ensemble of folk dances and songs “Dracevo 2012” - Skopje, MAG-culture&experience-Skopje and Wave Travel-Paralia invites you to take a part on the International Music and Dance Camp “Music&Sea” that will take place in Paralia, famous holiday place on the Aegean coast of Greece from 14.06.2016 to 19.06.2016.

We believe that traditional music and dance provides age-old ways to connect with the past, find selfexpression in the present and bring people together, making the world a little better in the process. Our mission is to support and promote preservation and innovation in traditional music and dance. Our goal is to help keep these traditions vital and accessible in a changing world by providing an environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas among passionate musicians and dancers of young people.

The camp is located on the blue Aegean Sea, near the beautiful town of Paralia in Grand Platon hotel.

http://grandplaton.gr, the Riviera of Olympus with 80 km of golden beach taking places with the deep blue of the sea and the serene green of nature, a breath away from the beach. Olympus, the diamond ring on the handof Pieria, the land of Gods. You will never find such changes of landscapes and nature anywhere. There, among the mountain of the 12 Gods and the endless blue of the Thermaikos gulf is where Grand Platon hotel is wedged in.

We invite you to join us for music and dance-focused week, a week-long educational camp, or one of our performance-oriented concert, and social and traditional dances, to live music. Every day education of the music, folk and modern dances. Lessons from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Last day concert of all participants on the square, max 15 minutes per group/participant. All ensembles and individuals, regardless of the members gender and age can apply for participation at the camp.


Deadline for registration to participate in this camp is 15.04.2016 (date of receipt). The following application

documents must be provided by the closing date 15.04.2016

a) The fully completed application form

b) The proof of bank transfer covering the application fee

c) A short biography of the group, digitally if possible

d) A photo of the group in a form suitable for reproduction



ul. "16-ta Makedonska brigada 10/4-1

1000 Skopje

R. Macedonia

tel.: +389 75 337 938 / +389 70 337 938

e-mail: folklore_mkd@t.mk

web: www.igraorec.mk


Costs and accommodation:

Application fee:

All applications should be confirmed with application fee of 200 EUR for Groups or 50 EUR for individuals required for a booking of the hotel. This fee is part of the accommodation costs and must be made payable in full to the organizer account. The account number will be provided additionally after registration of the participants. Any banking costs that arise must be paid by the applicant. If a group cancels its appearance of its own accord, it will have no right to a refund.


- 99 EUR for 5 night including breakfast and dinner - for a children and youth not oldest then 16 years

- 110 EUR for 5 night including breakfast and dinner - for adults Accommodation is in rooms with 3, 4 and 5 beds. For double rooms the price is 135 EUR per person.

The accommodation is free of charge for drivers of the buses. The total cost must be paid on the day of arriving on the festival, before the entry in the rooms, in cash. The travel to and from the Festival have to be organized and pay by the groups themselves. Languages of correspondence is English.

Contact addresses of organisers

For the organisation of the festival and for your application, please contact only the organizers (application, enquiries, phone calls and any other kind of correspondence):

Contact information

Folklore Association “Igraorec”

16 Makedonska brigada 10/4-1

1000 Skopje, Macedonia

e-mail: folklore_mkd@t.mk

web: www.igraorec.mk

Phone: +38975337938 / +38970337938 (Marjan Davcevski, spoke English, basic Russian and Balkan languages);